Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Textures and Colors - Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to add color or texture to a room. They can add interest above and beyond the traditional four walls, same color decor. And, if your home features a nice architectural feature - an unusual wall, a nice window - an accent wall can really draw attention to this.

You may not want to do your entire room in bright red or navy blue, but one wall can give the room a burst of color without being overwhelming. A darker colored wall in an otherwise light room can add drama to the room. Choosing a color in the same family as the other three walls, but in a deeper or lighter hue, can add depth. You can even choose to paint patterns in contrasting colors - stripes are a good choice and add a modern elegance to many spaces.

Material accent walls, such as adding a stone or brick facade, can also alter the feel of a room, lending a classic of rustic air to even the most contemporary of spaces. Wallpapering one wall can be very versatile, depending on the paper, and can add anything from a subtle texture to a bold, eye-catching print.

A stone accent wall adds a rustic touch to this contemporary wood hallway
(by Philpotts Interiors)

Black wallpaper with a subtle pattern makes a bold statement in this modern dining room
(by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.)

Crisp black-and-white stripes are a great accent in this classic room
(Courtesy of Flickr user army.arch)

An interesting, angled wall is painted a darker shade in this living room
(by Molly McGinness Interior Design)

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Wallpaper in the same shade as the walls looks wonderful in this mid-century modern living room
(by Dufner Heighes Inc)

A dark accent wall is the perfect backdrop for the large artwork over the fireplace
(by Marcelo Brito)

A stone wall gives texture to this modern, contemporary home
(by KuDa Photography)

A black wallpapered accent wall provides a nice backdrop to the bright bedding
(by Judith Balis)

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