Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colorful, Casual Bohemian Interiors

Do you dislike perfectly matched sets of furniture, or carefully plotted designer rooms? Do you like a mix of bright colors, different patterns, various fabrics, and a touch of the exotic? If so, a Bohemian style decor might be right for you.

The "Bohemian" style, also known familiarly as "Boho", is designed to show your free spirit and love of life. The antithesis of a "matchy" subdued designer interior, this style incorporates color - and lots of it. From colorful throw pillows and throws in lush fabrics paired with a neutral palette, to an all-out color extravaganza of painted walls and brightly colored accessories, this is a style that demands to be noticed, and enjoyed. Casual, comfortable, mixing the old with the new, it employs a kick-back relaxed and comfy design.

Let your creativity flow by selecting your favorites pieces, the things that appeal the most to you - without worrying if the red in the cushions will match tonally with the drapes.

(by Vintage Renewal)

(by Carson Poetzl, Inc.)

(by Aesthetic Outburst)

(by Imagine Living)

(by Riehl Designs, Inc.)

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(by Leah)

(by Tamar Schechner)

(by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design)

(by Kevin Gray Interiors Inc)

(by ABC Dragoo)

(by Erika Everett Design)

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