Monday, January 16, 2012

Decorating with Elegant Neutral Tones

Neutrals are a decorator's friend. They can be kept subdued and calming with subtle accents, or they can create a backdrop for brightly colored focal point accessories. The families of grays, beiges, creams, etc., can be applied to create almost any look you desire, from soft and dreamy to elegant to bold. They can brighten and warm a space, or give it a feeling of coolness.

Tones of beige and gray are brightened up with yellow accents
(Jennifer Brouwer Design)
Soft beige walls provide a nice backdrop for the Chinese red painted sideboard
A crisp, clean, white and gray kitchen features brightly colored glass and other accents
(Charles Luck Stone Center)

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A white, black, and gray space features color from the artwork on the wall
(Jodie Rosen Design)

This pool house is decorated in all neutral tones, however color comes in via the large windows, from outdoors
(Jamie Beckwith Interiors)
A classy, traditional family room with neutral walls and softly colored accents
(Hull Historical)
Layered light-to-dark neutral tones adorn this elegant bedroom 
(Zuniga Interiors)

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  1. I am fully intrigued by the space inspired living room. Metallic cushions give so much glow and aesthetics to the room’s overall appearance. That artwork fits just right for an elegant room. Those jugs or jars have so much to say I need not say more. I will consider this minimalistic approach for my future house. Thanks for a great post.