Monday, January 30, 2012

Rustic Country Chic - Decorating with Burlap

In case none of you have noticed by now, I am not a weekend blogger! My Saturdays and Sundays are spent loafing around with my guy... and doing all the fun chores, like grocery shopping. Hooray. I do try and make posts Monday through Friday though. :)

Anyhoo, onto our regular daily article and photos!

Burlap is a wonderful fabric. Due to it's construction, and normal usage as sacking, this material is both durable and fairly resistant to staining. Plus, it's loosely woven make-up lends a rough, rustic charm to any room. From using a small piece as an accent, such as a table runner of placemats, to re-purposing old sacks as funky upholstery or accents like throw pillows, this is a wonderful way to lend a little shabby charm to any room. Whether you are aiming for cozy French farmhouse or down home American country, burlap provides a fun and decorative look that is easy to achieve.

Chairs recovered in old coffee sacks

Custom Hand Painted Burlap Placements (can be customized)
(GeorgiaInBloom on Etsy)

Burlap upholstery and towels
(by French Larkspur)

Burlap-back French Versailles chair
Burlap bedding

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Farmhouse table with a burlap runner
(by The Old Painted Cottage)

Burlap cushion
(by Buckets of Burlap)

Paris Flea Marker Burlap Cushion Cover
(TheLetteredHome on Etsy)

Burlap lampshades blend beautiful with a padded linen bed
Romantic French Country burlap pillow cover
(JolieMarche on Etsy)


  1. Than you so much for featuring my placemats on your blog post! I really appreciate the support!

    Cortney with GeorgiaInBloom on Etsy

  2. Thanks Cortney! They look lovely, and you have a great photo! :)

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