Monday, July 8, 2013

Pastel Interiors - Light and Lovely

Many people find white or beige walls to be bland and boring, but sometimes bright colors can overwhelm a small or dark room. A good solution?

Pastel tones.

Light enough to make a dim space feel brighter, but with more color and interest than plain whites or neutrals, pastel hues can brighten and transform a room immediately. Buttery yellows, minty greens, misty aquas, light lavenders, pale blues, and subtle rose tones are a perfect way to liven up an interior, and give it a feeling of spaciousness. This is one reason such hues are popular in tropical homes, as well as beach homes and cottages.

Trim can play an important role in defining how your pastel room appears. Darker stained wood trim can give the room a feeling of timeless elegance and formality, while painted white trim gives it a fresh, clean look.

Pastels usually pair best with darker-colored flooring, although lighter flooring is often used for an airy, feel.

Light aqua walls with white trim

                                                     (by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.)

Yellow walls with white trim and beige carpet

                                                                               (by FrontPorch)

Tropical tones of coral and aqua with a chevron wooden floor

                                                              (by Lowe's Home Improvement)

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Mint green beadboard walls give this room a refreshing feel
                                                                     (by Jeanette Lunde)

Light blue walls and ceilings give this bathroom the feel of being outdoors
                                                       (by Woodmeister Master Builders)

Lavender walls and wood trim brighten up a dim hallway
                                                (by MANDARINA STUDIO interior design)

Peach walls and dark wood trim make this room look traditional, yet fresh
                                               (by MANDARINA STUDIO interior design)

Pink walls work nicely here with some bolder colored items
                                                                        (by Andrea Brooks Interiors)

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