Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yellow Rooms - Happy and Sunny

The other day we explored the calming effects of using the color blue in a room. Today, we'll look at the color yellow. I'll do a few more color series in the coming days.

The color yellow gives a room a feeling of warmth and happiness, as it reminds us of the color of sunshine. Personal anecdote, my kitchen was originally a drab and chilly white. We painted the walls a very soft yellow, the color of rich buttermilk, and immediately the room felt brighter and more inviting.

Yellow can range from bright to very soft and subtle, and blends nicely with most other colors. It can add a touch of warmth and brightness to a predominately cool-toned room (think blues, purples, greens), pairs well with other warm hues (orange and red) for a fiery appearance, and also works with natural materials like wood and stone.

I usually like to recommend shades of yellow especially in cooler climates that tend to be overcast frequently, as the color fools the eye slightly into thinking it is sunny, and thereby makes the room feel more inviting on cloudy days.

Very bright yellow works particularly well as an accent color, as opposed to a wall paint color. If you want to paint, a soft pastel yellow is usually best.

A yellow ceiling makes this enclosed porch glow
(by Group 3)

Yellow accents warm up this home library
(by Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.)

Cupboards painted a yellow-beige hue bring cheer to a country kitchen
(by Superior Woodcraft, Inc.)

Small splashes of bright yellow liven up this black and white bathroom
(by De Meza + Architecture)

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Light yellow walls provide a sunny backdrop for bold colors
(by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design)

Yellow accents seem to glow against a classic black and white marble floor
(by Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc.)

A soft buttery yellow bedroom looks charming with pastel accents
(by Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.)

Yellow and mint green pair together to give a feeling of eternal spring
(by Siemasko + Verbridge)

A traditional room looks inviting in bright yellow with green accents
(by Leslie Yvonne Lundgren)

A small home office space feels bright and bold with yellow striped wallpaper
(by Frisson)

Touches of vivid yellow add brightness to this white and wood contemporary kitchen
(by Jamie Beckwith)