Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Rooms - A Calming Color Scheme

Aside from looking great, the color of a room can have an impact on you, your emotions, even your health. Scientific research shows that colors do have an effect on our moods, and how we feel. Red can make a room feel lively and energetic, yellow conveys warmth and happiness, green can rest the eyes.

In this article, we'll showcase the color blue. Blue, as a room color, produces a calming atmosphere, and is particularly suited for rooms in which you wish to relax, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. Blue rooms have been shown to reduce heart rate and decrease blood pressure. But choose your blue wisely - dark shades, when overused, can actually produce feelings of sadness, while the wrong shade of light blue can make a room feel chilly and cool. Therefore, it is best to choose accents with care - warm colored fabrics, rich wood, and white trim work best. Also, using blue accents, such as painted furniture or fabrics, is a nice way to introduce a little relaxing color into a room without having it become overwhelming.

White cottage room with blue accents has a nautical feel
(by Marcelo Brito)

Pale sky blue and pink and green accents have a feel of spring
(by Amanda L. Reid)

Dark blue pairs well with wood and light accents
(by Jane Ellison)

A pale gray-blue wall paint pairs nicely with Wedgwood blue chairs
(by David Sharff Architect, P.C.)

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A traditional office with white furnishings and walls painted with Benjamin Moore's Marlboro Blue
(by Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.)

A neutral-toned living room is toned down with blue accents
(by Tobi Fairley)

This cozy study features medium blue walls and an abundance of warm wood
(by Crisp Architects)

A dark blue bedroom is lightened with white ceiling and light wood floors
(by Martinkovic Milford Architects)

Pale blue pairs with lavender for a classic and fresh look
(by Design House)

This Florida living room echoes it's oceanic surroundings
(by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.)

Soft robin's egg blue provides a calming atmosphere in this spa-style bathroom
(by Leonard Grant Architecture)

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