Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Rooms - Vibrant and Passionate

As we've established, the use of color in a room can contribute to the overall mood of your surroundings. Blue can produce a soporific effect, yellow can contribute to a feeling of sunshine and warmth. 

Today, we will look at the use of red in a room.

Red is traditionally known as the color of love, life, and passion. It is the color of our blood, the foundation of our beings. Ranging from vibrant crimson to the deepest, richest maroon, this typically warm color is bold, the very antithesis of quiet pastels.

Used to varying degrees, it can compliment a wide variety of interiors, from traditional farmhouses to formal mansions and contemporary homes. However, since it is a bold, dark shade, I usually recommend it in spaces that have a lot of light, and larger rooms. When a room is too poorly lit, or small, red can actually make the room feel closed in.

Red can also be a splashy focal accent color, from painted cabinets in a kitchen to art and throw pillows in a living room. Red also makes a fabulous single accent wall color.

Let's examine the use of red in a variety of spaces. 

Red is a wonderful color in a traditional interior

It also works well in contemporary, modern decor

It provides a bold, warm accent color...

... and also works well as a single accent wall

It blends nicely with wood also, as seen in this rustic-style kitchen

As always, more photos after the page break!

While red tends to pair best with neutrals, it also works with small accent colors, such as the blue chair

Red also works very well with Asian-styled interiors

This farmhouse interior looks cozy and homey with red cabinets

Subtle red accents add warmth and color to a neutral room

This high-ceilinged study displays a strong, but not overwhelming, use of reds

Here, red is used on the floor of this otherwise all-white kitchen

Bold red pairs nicely with traditional and rustic furnishings

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